CareWhere Web

The CareWhere Web-Based Mapping & Control Panel

You can control what a call centre would. As part of the package you get access to the device management and mapping panel – in the event of theft or other emergency you can give the police access to monitor direct

There is the ability to utilise a third party control centre – available at additional cost

How it Works:


See activity and location of multiple devices in real time using the CareWhere Web Mapping Panel Dashboard via your PC, tablet or phone


View the location and monitor the device live if necessary


Set relevant perimeters

Key Features:


Easily track the journey of your vehicles

For further detail, you can hover over each track point. This will show Lat / Long, Cell ID, Date, GPS fix time, speed and heading

Mapping can be zoomed in closer for greater detail of activity

Our Mapping and Control Panel allows you to view your entire fleet at any time.


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