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  • Six items of plant successfully recovered over several hundred miles from crime location

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    Six assorted items of plant stolen from a national hire company and taken several hundred miles to Essex. CareWhere tracking data located the plant which was successfully recovered. The tracking data also identified the route and various locations that provided evidential and information gathering opportunities.

  • Breach of perimeter alert leads to recovery of stolen plant machine plus a further 6 machines that had been hired for theft

    May 2020

    This plant hire company pro-actively use 20 of our trackers fitted to their machines and dumpers. One evening, they received a breach of perimeter alert and supported by CareWhere attended the location in the New Forest, recovering their machine from a layby where it been left awaiting transport. On attending the original site location, we were able to recover a further six machines that had been fraudulently hired in preparation for theft. None of these machines had a tracker. This was part of an organised criminal enterprise now being investigated by Dorset Police.

  • CareWhere Tracker used to locate stolen vehicles in Southampton, London and Singapore for National Vehicle Finance Leasing company

    March 2020

    A national vehicle finance leasing company utilises the tracker in all vehicles they finance over a certain threshold.

    To date the tracker has been used to locate and then recover stolen vehicles in Southampton, London and one vehicle that was successfully recovered in Singapore having being tracked from the UK embarkation port to the port in Singapore. This particular vehicle was tracked using GPS linked with Cell ID data produced by the GSM network.

    The trackers have also been utilised to swiftly recover vehicles used by people who have defaulted on payment.

  • High Value BMW tracked and located in Southern Sri Lanka

    January 2020

    A second national vehicle finance leasing company utilises the tracker in all vehicles they finance over a certain threshold.

    To date the trackers have alerted the company to several vehicles belonging to a customer being removed, in breach of contract, from the UK and used in Germany and Switzerland. The vehicles were monitored and returned to the UK.

    Additionally in April 2018, the removal in a shipping container from the UK of a high value BMW was identified. The vehicle was then tracked and located in southern Sri Lanka

  • Two Diggers recovered for building company operating in a plant theft hotspot

    November 2019

    A building company suffered the theft of one of their mini diggers – it had not been fitted with a tracker and was not recovered. CareWhere were requested to covertly fit trackers to their replacement machine and the other machines in their fleet. Their main operating environment is in a plant theft hotspot and it was necessary to provide a number of covert installation options and tactics with a view to frustrating any further attempts to steal machines.

    Since the trackers were installed, two machines have been stolen on separate occasions, with both being recovered as a result of the tracker. The machines were stolen in Surrey and recovered in Surrey and North London.

  • CareWhere tracking technology used in covert policing tactics

    September 2019

    The technology has been used successfully on many occasions by the police when deployed during covert operations. The use of the trackers has led to a number of arrests and prosecutions – without the need to reveal the tactic to the offender.

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