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The construction industry loses plant and equipment to the value of millions of pounds each year to theft.

Not only that, construction equipment thefts can result in higher insurance premiums and company-wide delays, in terms of unwanted downtime and hire in cost. Having a solution that effectively reduces theft with real-time data and reporting can ensure that your plant and equipment are where they should be: on site.

In the event of theft, you are able to alert the police and give them direct access to track your machine or equipment.


Key Features:

Live Tracking Direct to your Phone, Tablet or PC

See activity and location of multiple devices in real time using the CareWhere Web Mapping Panel Dashboard via your PC, tablet or phone

Super Sensitive GPS & GSM Antenna System

Our Trackers use GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO satellite location technologies, the most sensitive and effective tracking technology available.

Pre-Set Perimeters Covering UK Ports on Mapping Panel

Additional individual perimeters can be set covering storage and site locations

User Defined Alerts

You set the alerts direct to your mobile phone and computer, whether that’s movement, breach of ‘virtual’ perimeters, power source removed or low/flat battery

Waterproof and Robust

Our trackers are built to withstand time and the elements, ensuring long term peace of mind.

Small and Easy Covert Fitting

Our trackers are discreet and provide the perfect covert solution – no one will know it’s there.

Wired and portable options available.

Data Logs Activity

All activity is data logged for post event download

Works Anywhere In Europe

Our trackers work anywhere in Europe, however, other Worldwide options are also available depending on your vehicle tracking needs. Our trackers can be remotely configured to report Worldwide in the event of theft or other requirement.


Full-Service Construction Tracking Solution

Bespoke design

Specialist build and installation options covering a multitude of applications available upon request. We design and develop our technology in the UK and as we own everything we do, we can build the technology in virtually any form to suit specific need.

Fitting Service

Our team of professional installers throughout the UK will ensure a fast, seamless implementation process, allowing you to start tracking your assets straight away.

Recovery Service

Trained recovery agents able to locate and recover stolen assets, paid for by your own insurer or by separate negotiation

Law enforcement and emergency access

In the event of theft or other emergency, you are able to alert the police or other emergency services and give them access to track your vehicle or asset


Potential discounts available when device is fitted


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