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CareWhere Solutions provides unique criminal justice tracking solutions with live location reporting at variable intervals and multiple event warning systems.

Our tracking solutions includes an easy to use geofence system which can be set up and monitored via our web-based mapping panel.

Key Features:

Offender Tagging System

The unique offender tagging system from CareWhere Solutions incorporates GNSS / GSM and various sensor technologies


Offender Tagging System – ankle worn tag, lightweight, waterproof and comfortable

Tamper evident, tamper alerts, geofence alerts, battery level notifications

Live tracking up to every 10 seconds on local police hosted systems or data logging for post-event download

Rechargeable – Using magnetic safety charger


Covert Attack Alarm

CareWhere Solutions provides a unique covert attack alarm, designed by Police Officers incorporating GPS / GNSS / GSM / WiFi / Bluetooth / Voice Recording


Easily activated through to emergency services and other services

Live GPS tracking

Event and noise recording

Multiple location and evidence-based technology


Due to the nature of the technology and the sensitivities of the application and deployment methods, only a general overview has been provided here.

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