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Lone Worker Safety Belt Location System

Protect Your Lone Working Employees in Accordance with Employment Laws and Regulations with the World’s Most Advanced Belt Format Technology from CareWhere Solutions

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The CareWhere Safety Belt location system is a unique, secure and flexible product enabling you to locate and support people at risk such as lone workers and people working in hazardous conditions or challenging environments and is a BS 8484:2016 accredited solution.

The belt can be worn under or over clothes, is comfortable enough to be worn 24 hours a day if necessary, and can deliver location and status information directly to a mobile phone via SMS text, or our web-based mapping and control system.


Key Features:

GPS/GNSS/GSM/RFID/Sensor technology

Live GPS tracking with Adjustable GPS reporting frequencies, multiple geofence system and optional in-building locating system

Unique Adjustable Belt Format Technology with World’s Most Advanced Fall Detection System

Automatically detects and alerts you of falls, location, motion and lack of motion

Ingenious Belt design

Our unique belt design is robust, secure, comfortable and simple to use. Also includes tamper and removal alert system together with Amber and Red Alert warning mechanisms

Built In Personal Alarm Button

Automatically sends an alert message and location to your pre-programmed numbers and can be programmed to send automatic ‘left home’ and ‘arrived home’ messages

Waterproof & Robust

Our belts are built to withstand time and the elements, ensuring long term peace of mind.

Two Way Voice Communication & Audible Location Assist in Emergency

Ability to have voice contact with person requiring assistance – with the back-up of audible beacon for use in search situations such as dark or awkward challenging environments

Live Monitoring Data Direct to Web Service & optional 24/7 ARC

Monitor live constantly or selectively as and when required

Low & Flat Battery Alerts

To assist in maintaining the belt and a charging regime, the battery status is provided along with low and flat alerts

UK Customer Support

CareWhere customer support service available – to assist independent users and call centres

Worldwide Roaming Sim Card Options

Our belts work anywhere in Europe, however, other Worldwide options are also available depending on your lone worker protection and monitoring needs. Our belts can also be remotely configured in emergency situations to report Worldwide.


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